Construction & On-Site Security

Vandalized or stolen equipment and materials can shut the job down temporarily – or even permanently.  Protect your construction site, manufacturing facility, or other vulnerable location with reliable night watchmen and security guards. 

                                      Job site theft and vandalism losses range into the BILLIONS of dollars each year!

It extends across multiple sectors: from residential home building to commercial construction, manufacturing facilities and industrial complexes, not to mention public works programs.  It affects everyone: the contractors and their employees as well as clients, the insurance companies, the equipment manufacturers and dealers.  They all suffer when job sites are vandalized or equipment and materials are stolen.

The pilfered wares include building materials, home appliances and electronics, tools and heavy equipment.  Just about anything that’s not being watched!  Theft and vandalism of construction and other job sites is not new and isn’t going to stop in the near future.

Loss of construction site materials and tools costs time and money…

Don’t go unprotected, put Legion on the job!

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