Personal Security

Personal Security – Executive Protection
Our Personal Protection Service provides our high profile clients, and their families, with personal protection services that ensure their peace of mind.
Legion Security has the Bodyguards, Executive Protection Specialists, and Armed Security Escorts to provide for your personal security. Each of our trained operatives are highly trained and they are thoroughly screened by our management team to ensure clean background.

We offer a broad spectrum of personal protection services which ultimately allow our clients the ability to conduct their business without worrying about threats of assault, kidnapping or other attacks. Our experience provides us with the ability to recognize possible threats and react to unexpected situations. Training in mental survival skills enhance our success rate of defeating a violent abduction or assault.

Executive Protection Services
Our Executive Protection Service is designed to provide a more discreet type of personal protection. A popular choice for business clients who like the peace of mind provided by personal security, but prefer not to alter the business atmosphere.

VIP Security Services
High-profile clients require a more intense Personal Protection Service. Legion provides VIPs, Entertainers, or other high-profile clients with personal protection that is, by design, more visible. Legion’s VIP Security Officers politely, yet firmly discourage unwanted contact and clearly establish a perimeter line of protection. Highly trained to deal with large groups of people as well as intimate meetings, our Security Officers provide appropriate protection for open areas, as well as tight spaces, and handle unexpected situations to ensure your personal protection in public.

Employee Safety Escorts
If your employees have occasion to carry bank deposits or perform other high-risk duties, then Employee Safety Escorts may be the answer. Employee Safety Escorts allow them to feel safe and allows you to sleep better at night knowing that you are provided an extra level of protection.

Protection from Sexual Predators
Sexual predators scour public playgrounds, malls, or other popular hang-outs looking to “capture” victims. Our ability to recognize possible threats and react to unexpected situations allows us to defeat abduction attempts before they occur.

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