Schools & Educational Facilities

From the smallest private charter schools to the largest school districts and college campuses across Pennsylvania – and everything in between, Legion Educational Security Solutions is the answer.

From Security Guard Patrols, Entrance & Front Desk Staffing to 24 hour school security camera and video surveillance monitoring services, Legion can customize security solutions to meet the critical needs and challenges of your particular facility, students, and staff.

Committed to Providing PA Students a Safe Environment in which to Learn

Legion is committed to assisting schools in providing students across Pennsylvania a safe environment in which to learn, including (but not limited to):

  • Unarmed Security Guards / Safety Patrol Officers: The presence of a uniformed officer is often all that is needed to ensure an extra measure of stability and inspire a feeling of confidence and security
  • Armed Security Guards: If higher security is needed Armed Security Guards or Off-Duty Police Officers with advanced security training can be placed at your facility
  • Plain Clothes Security Surveillance Officers: For those situation where discretion is preferred or you require undercover surveillance
  • Video Camera Monitoring: 24 hour school security camera and video surveillance monitoring services

Short-term Staffing, Event Specific Security Staffing, and Long-term Temporary Staffing Services

Whether you need a full security staffing solution or just temporary security staffing, our professionals provide seamless integration into your environment.  Legion can provide long-term temporary staffing, while you await board approval of new hires or make adjustments to your budget to accommodate permanent placement.  Legion also provides event specific staffing and short-term security staffing to fill-in for missing employees during vacations, maternity or sick-leave, or other absences.

FLEXIBLE security solutions designed to meet the critical needs of school administrators more effectively

School administrators must address a variety of issues and face the challenge of providing appropriate protection for the students while staying within budget requirements.  You must address the concerns of parents and Board Members and sometimes make tough choices.   Legion understands the specific challenges and risks that highschools, school districts, college & university campuses, and other educational institutions face.  That’s why we provide FLEXIBLE security solutions designed to meet the critical needs of school administrators more effectively.

Make your school safer with Legion Security Services Educational Solutions
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