Security Camera Monitoring

Want crime to stop?  Then put Legion behind your cameras.  Legion’s Live Eye Security Monitoring Service is ideal for office buildings, construction sites, parking lots, enhanced neighborhood surveillance and more.

You can stop worrying about a loss because crime stops when Legion’s surveillance team watches the cameras on your property. We feed video over the internet or using wireless connectivity to our Legion Control Room where our sentries keep watch in real time for any signs of intrusion.  Then after an intrusion is detected, our monitors can alert the police or other emergency services, alert the client, and/or dispatch one of our mobile security patrol units to the scene.
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Overnight/24-7 Live Surveillance

Legion’s security monitoring team can do part time surveillance as well, such as just overnights and/or on weekends.  This service allows our clients to keep their security budget down as they get a great value for having one of our monitors watching their site live as opposed to having a night watchmen physically on the property.  Although the visible deterrent is reduced without the presence of a security guard or a night watchman, this service allows the client to still be able to prevent and respond to incidents live as opposed to just watching a recording of the intrusion the next day.

Employee Surveillance

Don’t wait until you suspect an employee theft, take a pro-active approach.  Let us monitor and record your operations.  Ideal for retail, cash offices, or any situation where employees are regularly given unsupervised access to cash and other financial or sensitive material.

Event-Based Live Surveillance

Event-based or “motion activated” surveillance sends a message to the Legion surveillance team when someone trips an onsite detector. When we detect motion, we take instant action to chase intruders away.

Documented Surveillance

Capturing criminal activity on camera enables you to provide video evidence to police. All our services provide documentation you can access at any time, anywhere, from any web-enabled computer.

Detect & Alarm Intruders

When we install our crime stopping sirens and strobes our live security monitoring team can activate them to chase intruders off your property before they cause any damage. We can provide remote camera monitoring services for your existing surveillance cameras or install our own fixed or mobile camera solutions.

Legion Live Eye Surveillance is an innovative use of technology in enhancing our clients’ security options in Pennsylvania.  Every site is unique and a solution can be custom tailored to your needs and budget.

Crime stops when you put Legion behind your cameras. Legion’s Live Security Monitoring Services is ideal for office buildings, construction sites, parking lots, enhanced neighborhood surveillance and more.

Whether you need High Scrutiny Live Surveillance, redundancy monitoring in high-security environments and logging process automation routines, or just want to put your property under the microscope and record every move they make, you can trust Legion Live Eye Security Monitoring Services by Legion’s Remote Camera Surveillance Team

Legion Security Services- Your Reliable Partner in PA for All your Security Needs!

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