Mobile Security Patrol

Shared Security Patrol Services and Site Checks

Do you need your property checked regularly to deter criminal activity and ensure that all is safe and secure? Perhaps doors must be locked or unlocked at specific times or critical gauges checked periodically. For small businesses, strip malls, single buildings, shared offices … wherever it is cost-prohibitive to have a security officer stationed on the premises full time. Legion’s mobile patrol checks are thus the smart solution for your security needs anywhere in PA.

Our highly trained Mobile Patrol Supervisors will come to your site in marked and well-maintained security vehicles at pre-designated times or on a random basis. Using GPS and other smart technology, they’ll electronically document when they arrived at your site, where they checked, and when they left. Legion Security will then provide that information to our clients in whatever customized format they require.

Should our Mobile Patrol Supervisors find anything out of the ordinary while at your site, our security professionals will deal with the situation based on previously agreed upon instructions and incident escalation protocols. We will then document the situation through an Incident Report which will be left on site or forwarded through previously agreed upon means so that you are fully apprised of the details of the incident.  Coupled with the deterrent factor and Public Safety presence this type of security site check can provide, this service can be a relatively inexpensive way to increase the security and safety at your property.
If verifiable and guaranteed service is important to your business while controlling costs, then Legion Security is your reliable partner in Pennsylvania to get the most value for your security dollar.

Security Foot Patrol Services

Security Foot Patrol Officers are available to patrol constructions sites, retail complexes, private communities, corporate offices, and other locations in PA.   Our Security Patrol Officers are in good physical condition and move at a purposeful pace, which allows them to cover the designated territory while still keeping a watchful eye for security breaches or other irregularities. During foot patrols clients, customers, employees, and others will observe the security officer in the course of their duties, and therefore represents not only our company but also your business or organization. Legion Security takes very seriously this public perception role and ensures our security guards adhere to strict appearance and conduct standards so as to reflect as positively as possible on the site to which they are assigned. Legion Security can also supply “Wanderguard” or “GuardTour” type equipment for your site in PA to verify that our officers are doing their rounds properly and completely.

Constant Security Vehicle Patrol Services

Legion Security provides mobile security patrol vehicles for its clients’ sites on a constant basis as well. Private communities, retail complexes, construction and mixed-use sites are some examples of security clients who need security patrol vehicles and Legion Security is happy to furnish these clients with professional, well maintained security vehicles and accompanying security guard staff anywhere in PA. We have police style sedan security vehicles as well as 4-wheel drive SUV type security patrol vehicles better suited for a private community, industrial facility, or construction site

Legion Security can furnish your construction site, industrial complex, gated community, or manufacturing facility in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with reliable night watchmen and security guards, armed or unarmed, with or without a security patrol vehicle.   With Legion Rapid Account Setup there’s no need to let your assets go unsecured another day.  Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.

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