Gas Drilling

Oil and Gas drilling rigs & production sites historically have been a target for thieves. Theft ranges from the full time highly organized oil theft groups who move from state to state stealing large quantities of equipment and tools to the individual thieves who steal items to support their personal habits, ranging from a simple screwdriver, a wrench to pipe, drill bits, copper, small tools and equipment. Another type of theft in the oil and gas industry is the actual theft of oil and gas crude oil and condensates that are trucked in and out of production locations and then sold through normal sales avenues.

Regardless of the size of the theft, this translates into lost revenue, added insurance rate increases and lower profits for individual owners and companies alike.

By nature of the industry equipment and supplies used are generally large and can be very expensive to transport back and forth between jobs and are often left on a location until needed at the next job in the area, usually a few days later. This makes the equipment and supplies left on a location a very easy target for would be thieves. Since the vast majority of these locations are in remote rural areas it can become a “thief’s paradise”. Since many of the thieves are people who have worked in the oil patch themselves they know what to steal, where to find what they want to steal, when to steal it and how to steal what they want in a short period of time without raising undue suspicion.

A survey was taken in 2008 by the Permian Basin Oilfield Task Force and covering 31 of the top producing counties in Texas in 2007 and it was estimated theft amounts to about $78 million annually. More recent Oil field articles are periodically seen in the news. According to statistics, reported oil field theft in the U.S. approaches $1 Billion annually.

Legion Security Services, Inc. is actively involved in development of surveillance and tactical strategies designed to help its client’s combat construction and oil field theft before loss occurs. Specialized training in various surveillance techniques, covert operations, loss prevention techniques, along with implementation of site specific equipment and various types of monitoring, including manned patrols and electronic monitoring help insure our clients a wide range of options to meet their companies needs.

Legion Security Services, Inc. goal is to provide quality security service to various companies involved in the natural gas drilling of the Marcellus Shale.

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