Security Consulting

Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis undertakes threat based physical security surveys of office locations, trading and manufacturing premises, industrial sites, research facilities and storage depots. Qualified staff will identify the security vulnerabilities, review the management of site security, and advise on common sense protective measures. This can include the employment, deployment and motivation of directly employed or contracted security staff.

Loss Prevention Programs

Loss prevention programs safeguard company assets. The first step in program planning involves identifying those assets. Inventory, equipment, supplies and cash are assets to be protected; so are people. Less tangible but equally important assets are employee morale and customer goodwill. The ultimate asset is the company itself and nowhere is it at greater risk than in the area of liability.

Threat Assessments

The purpose of threat assessment is to help you make more-informed decisions about which security measures to adopt. It does so by identifying the most likely threats your will face, allowing you to identify the security measures most likely to keep you safe, and avoid adopting unnecessary ones.  A threat assessment is not a one-time event, but a process of continuous re-evaluation of threats to ensure that you continue to have appropriate security measures in place. It is important to undertake a threat assessment when you start a program, and update it at regular intervals and when the threats change.

Site Surveys

We will come to your location and provide you with a logical and consistent methodology of quantifying and qualifying assets, vulnerabilities, impact and the associated risks.

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