Special Events Staffing

Whether it’s a sporting event at one of Pennsylvania’s large stadiums or a concert at a local venue, highly publicized events bring a great deal of attention; both positive and negative. Legion Security offers an effective security solution that takes the inherent risks out of coordinating events.

Our management team has extensive experience in event management tactics which enables our services to go well beyond a simple security presence.

Legion Security services is also a full service Special Event Security company that provides armed and unarmed security guards, bouncers, doormen, and public safety officers for a multitude of special events and venues in Pennsylvania. Legion Security provides security for bars and nightclubs, as well as security for golf courses, country clubs and other private clubs. Legion Security also provides security staffing for NASCAR races, concerts, bazaars, weddings, private parties, and athletic events in the Allentown Pa area. Legion Security Services also has the expertise and qualifications to provide public safety and other security patrol services for colleges, universities, and schools in Pennsylvania.

  • Pedestrian
  • Traffic Guidance
  • Crowd Control
  • Access Control
  • Control And Regulate Parking
  • Evacuation & Emergency Response
  • Performer Safety Escort

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