Overview for Security Services

Security Camera Monitoring

Want crime to stop?  Then put Legion behind your cameras.  Legion’s Live Eye Security Monitoring Service is ideal for office buildings, construction sites, parking lots, enhanced neighborhood surveillance and more.

You can stop worrying about a loss because crime stops when Legion’s surveillance team watches the cameras on your property. We feed video over the internet or using wireless connectivity to our Legion Control Room where our sentries keep watch in real time for any signs of intrusion.  Then after an intrusion is detected, our monitors can alert the police or other emergency services, alert the client, and/or dispatch one of our mobile security patrol units to the scene.
Request a quote or call (800) 916-7501 now to get total peace of mind when our surveillance team monitors the cameras on your property!

Schools & Educational Facilities

From the smallest private charter schools to the largest school districts and college campuses across Pennsylvania – and everything in between, Legion Educational Security Solutions is the answer.

From Security Guard Patrols, Entrance & Front Desk Staffing to 24 hour school security camera and video surveillance monitoring services, Legion can customize security solutions to meet the critical needs and challenges of your particular facility, students, and staff.

Retail Locations

Whether you need site security for a space that is currently unoccupied or undergoing renovation or you need Public Safety Officers for bustling strip malls and plazas, Legion is the one to call.

Night Watchman

Visible Security is the Best Deterrent!

Protect your assets with qualified, experienced Security Patrol Officers. Legion Security Night Watchmen can be utilized to secure construction sites, manufacturing facilities, industrial complexes, parking lots, mixed-use sites, private communities, retail complexes, art galleries, commercial properties, or any other location that requires security patrols or stationary guard services.

Our uniformed security officers (both armed and unarmed) are trained to the highest standards in the industry.  Legion has developed a comprehensive security patrol service that is designed to minimize our client’s risk to exposure.  The presence of our security specialists act as a criminal deterrent in areas that promote theft and other crimes against establishment owners.